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About Aikido

About Aikido Meiryukan



In April of 2015, after graduating from uchideshi (full-time disciple) at Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu (Ando Tsuneo shihan), Jim Dawes moved to the Saitama Prefecture to further spread Yoshinkan style Aikido to the central Kanto region. Meiryukan strives for balance in both training and life in general. The strict study of correct basics to build a strong core and centerline and an equal amount of uke to learn to feel and understand movements, emotions and intentions. This balance makes it easier to then in turn use the power in your center to harmonize in a way suitable to each and any situation, be it self defence or just everyday life.





Shite:Morihei Ueshiba

Uke:Gozo Shioda


Shite:Gozo Shioda

Uke:Tsuneo Ando


Shite:Tsuneo Ando

Uke:Jim Dawes



Aikido is a martial art which does not rely on physical strength. By harmonizing the aggressor's attack with correct timing, balance and posture one can easily subdue a larger opponent. Thus making aikido a martial art which irrelevant of size, stature or age, anyone can do. There are no competitions in Aikido. Techniques are practiced in a pre-arranged form where one person (shite) applies the technique, and one person (uke) receives it. Both roles are equally important in understanding the movement and principle of the technique. Self defence is not the only benefit of aikido. Improve posture, coordination and concentration, increase stamina and flexibilty, strengthen core muscles and the cardiovascular system, develop proper etiquette and face-to-face communicaton skills, and gain overall confidence while becoming both more physically and mentally fit.

What's Aikido?

Aikido Introduction video


Morihei Ueshiba


Gozo Shioda

Aikido is a relatively new martial art, however its roots date back over 800 years. This once secret art was finally passed on in the early 19th century by Takeda Sokaku of the Kai Genji Takeda family (samurai). Morihei Ueshiba used these techniques of Daito-ryu, along with other ancient martial art influences to develop what is now modern aikido. Gozo Shioda, who was a gifted long time direct disciple of Ueshiba Sensei, then further created a system whereas to more easily understand the basic princples behind the techniques, known as "Yoshinkan".

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