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Meiryukan Instructors



Jim Dawes

Meiryukan Chief Instructor/President

Yoshinkan Aikido 6th dan

Born September 9th, 1976

Living in Kasukabe City, Saitama

Began aikido in 1991

Uchideshi for 9 years at Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu

Started Yoshinkan Aikido Meiryukan in April of 2015


Originally began aikido in Ontario, Canada. Moved to Japan in 2004. Trained at the Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo for 2 years before joining the Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu Tokubetsu Course. Thereafter becoming uchideshi for Tsuneo Ando Shihan. Now based in Saitama, teaching the technique and spirit of aikido as it has been passed down through direct lineage.

Inoue Takao

Kazo club instructor/representative

Yoshinkan Aikido 4th dan

Born in February of 1961

Living in Konosu City, Saitama

Began aikido in 1998


First began just to stay in shape、but soon fell in love with the beauty and depth of the art. Many people have heard the name "Aikido" but other than that, don't know much about it. I hope to try and spread a true undertstanding of this mysterious budo.

Tabata Fumiaki

Saitama club instructor/representative

Yoshinkan Aikido 4th dan


I was planning on just enrolling my son, but ended up taking the trial lesson with him. Next thing you know I was into it more than he was. That was more than 13 years ago.

Weekdays at Ryu Honbu Dojo and weekends at the Saitama club has made aikido a big part of my life. Because of this, I have made a lot of great friends along the way.

Our motto is "Fun aikido". With a wide range of people all training together, you are bound to enjoy yourself.

Why not come and try a class?

Murakami Daitaro

Saitama and Kasukabe club instructor

Yoshinkan Aikido 3rd dan

Born in December of 1967

Living in Saitama City, Saitama


Being in my 40's, I thought it was probably a bit too late, however, there happened to be a class near the library I frequent so I went and checked it out. What at first was just a hobby, has now become a huge part of my life. I try to set a fun atmosphere where everyone can train together amongst friends, working on solid basics and the connection to flowing techniques.



Tanaka Takaharu

Noda club instructor/representative

Yoshinkan Aikido 3rd dan

Born in September of 1967

Living in Noda City, Chiba

Began aikido in 2004

Starting from Noda City, Chiba prefecture, working to introduce and spread this amazing art of Yoshinkan aikido to as many people as possible. The martial art without competition.

Now's your chance! Why don't you take a step forward and come see for yourself? I guarantee you will discover something new and exciting through aikido.

Saito Kazumasa

Fukiage club instructor/representative

Yoshinkan Aikido 3rd dan

Born in October of 1965

Living in Gyoda City, Saitama

Before joining, I hadn't any interest in or even seen aikido. However, after actually trying a class, I was amazed with the techniques and the mechanics used to control an aggressor and was soon totally in to it.  I hope to share that same feeling with as many people as I can, starting here in Fukiage, Saitama prefecture. Aikido is a martial art that requires no previous experience and is irrelevant of age and gender, a martial art that anyone can do. So, when to begin?... right now!

Saito Mikiko

Kumagaya club instructor/representative

Yoshinkan Aikido 3rd dan

Living in Gyoda City, Saitama

I started aikido in 2011, not knowing anything, but like everyone, began with "kamae" (basic stance).

Now, especially during the kids class, I see the constant growth and am starting to realize the numerous benefits of aikido. Aikido`s breath power and center power are attainable by anyone regardless of age and sex. How about starting with "kamae"?

Noda Hiroshi

Nagareyama club instructor/representative

Yoshinkan Aikido 3rd dan

Born January 14th, 1983

Living in Nagareyama City, Chiba

Began aikido in 2006

You`ve probably all seen the seemingly fake aikido videos where the teacher mysteriously throws their partner by barely touching them... When I first tried a class I realized there was actually science behind controlling the human body through joint manipulation. Since that day I`ve become more and more fascinated with the art. How about trying a class?

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