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Class:kindergarten and pre-school


Starting from an early age, a basic understanding of proper etiquette and communication skills are essential. Through simple aikido movements, games and exercises, this class helps youngsters not only develop basic motor skills, but also gives them the confidence to progress through the first couple years of pre-school or kindergarten.

Kids 3 to 5

Class : elementary students


With no competition in aikido, students focus not on winning or losing, but on self-control and self-confidence. Both girls and boys, irrelevant of race, ranging from 1st to 6th grade train together gaining communication skills and an understanding of respect and etiquette. This class curriculum builds not only character, but develops concentration, coordination and correct posture through the practice of aikido’s basic movements and techniques.

Kids 6 to 13


Family club

Class : parents and their kids


A class for kids and their parents. At first it’s always about the kids, then next thing you know, the parents are hooked! Aikido meaning “the way of harmony” , what better way to strengthen the family unity while simultaneously training the mind, body and spirit.



Class:adults junior-high and above


Aikido does not rely on one’s physical strength or speed. Through correct posture, timing and connection, it uses the aggressor’s energy against them.  Therefore, anyone, irrelevant of age or fitness level will find this martial art beneficial. Students train in an energetic, fun and friendly atmosphere. There are no competitions, and no need for intense or strenuous training. Personal development in numerous aspects.


Class:over 60 years of age


Keep fit with basic aikido. Training at your own pace with members of the same age group. Working on aikido’s basic movements and techniques to correct posture and increase cardiovascular health, flexibility and core strength.

Senior class

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